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Keeping Twitter in Mind When Creating Commercial Mortgage Content

Twitter is a unique marketing platform in that you have to think very carefully because you need to get a message across with very little content. Choosing your company’s style and wording to drive in commercial mortgage leads on Twitter should be well-thought-out and purposeful. While your company’s website, blog and other social media sites generally allow you more space to get your point across, there’s a great case to be made for approaching all of your content as deliberately as that which is posted to Twitter. Here’s what you need to know to create the best possible content to drive in leads:

  • Consistency is important

    If you’re only updating your blog or social media pages every once in a while, it’s unlikely that people will bother reading those updates. Try to schedule at least one update per week for each of your channels and then add updates as you become more comfortable creating content.

  • Keep it short and simple

    On Twitter, you’ve only got 140 characters to make your point. Try to keep this limit in mind when crafting other marketing content. Most people won’t have time to read a very lengthy Facebook post or blog, so keep it as concise as you possibly can.

  • Utilize hyperlinks

    Because of the character limit, one of the best ways to share content on Twitter is through hyperlinks. Include links in your social media posts, as well as your blog posts when you feel that other content you’ve produce is relevant to the subject at hand.

With its strict character limit and constant flow of information, Twitter is an interesting and sometimes challenging platform that requires plenty of strategy. This level of planning and forethought, though, should also be put into all of your marketing content, regardless of platform. Remember to stick to your schedule, post short, interesting content and link whenever it’s appropriate. By using the same deliberate thought process for all of your content that you use for Twitter, you’ll produce the best commercial mortgage content and will attract more business.

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