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How to Create Engaging Commercial Mortgage Marketing Materials

Closing small-balance commercial mortgages depends on marketing your services. In order to do this successfully, you need to create content that your audience finds interesting and helpful. Engaging potential borrowers is crucial to building a relationship with them and to driving in commercial mortgage leads.

Here are some tips to help you to create great content for your commercial mortgage customers:

Keep it simple.

When creating content for small-balance commercial mortgage borrowers, keep in mind that they probably don’t know the industry or the lending process as well as you do. Make sure you use easy-to-understand language, especially if you’re explaining an in-depth concept. You want the content that you create to be accessible to the widest possible audience.

Consider your customers.

As you write blogs, film videos, and create advertisements and emails, remember to focus on the borrower’s that you’re trying to reach. Present them with content that will be helpful to them. Answer their questions and explain the process of obtaining commercial financing to demonstrate your expertise and build trust.

Focus on common goals.

One of the best ways to engage your borrowers is to remind them of what they want to accomplish. Providing useful content that focuses on achieving common commercial financing goals lets potential borrowers know that you understand their needs and will be able to help them find the funding solution that they need.

Creating engaging content for all of your marketing efforts is a major part of attracting borrowers and generating leads for your pipeline. Remember when working on this content that simplicity is your best bet, and that keeping the needs and goals of your customers in mind is a great way to earn their trust and their business.


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