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Ask APEX: Expanding into the Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Market

The following is a transcription of the most recent video in our Ask APEX series.

Welcome to my video on expanding commercial mortgage lending and increasing the type of products that your currently offer.

Many of you who have only done residential transactions have thought about adding commercial, but think it’s difficult. It’s not. For others, transactions under a million dollars seem to be time consuming and not worth the effort. Well, I’m here to tell you that APEX Mortgage offers to do all of the processing for you. That means you can focus on your larger transactions or your residential transactions while we’re dealing with your customer. You generate the lead, you send us an application and a credit report, a brief summary of the transaction, and we do all the rest.

A common-sense approach to lending

Small-balance commercial is all we do. We also understand a large variety of commercial property types. We lend on churches. We lend on non-profit institution headquarters. We lend on industrial property, mixed use property. We’ve even lent on a pet cemetery – talk about unusual!  In addition, we understand the story. We don’t underwrite purely in a box, and this is for two reasons. We do it so that we can get to know the customer because we’re going to own and hold that loan forever. We also understand that customers don’t want to go through a lengthy underwriting process. They want to know up front that their mortgage is approved, and that they’re going to accomplish their end result.

How we can help your commercial borrowers

One of the things we’re running into quite a bit – and your client base from prior transactions might be facing – is expired balloons. At APEX Mortgage, not only do we understand the pressure that a customer is under as their balloon expires, but we also understand that sometimes, through the confusion, they’ve allowed the balloon to actually become past due and may have even faced the start of legal action. At APEX we understand this, work through it, look past it from a credit standpoint and can help the customer deal with the issues that they face when addressing an expired or expiring balloon.

Sometimes customers need to pay off a variety of debt at their bank: credit lines, secured financing, equipment financing. In order to accomplish that with a real estate lender, they may need to use multiple properties. APEX Mortgage is an expert on blanket mortgages. We can do a blanket mortgage on up to four properties, pulling equity from each one in order to meet all the needs your customer has.

Your role in the process

You as the broker can be as involved or uninvolved as you want. We’ll keep you up to date on every part of the process, but only to the point that it doesn’t interfere with your ability to generate new leads, focus on your residential business or handle the day-to-day, in-depth needs of larger transactions.

Whether this is your first commercial transaction or your first commercial transaction under a million dollars, think about adding to what you’re currently doing and working with APE X Mortgage. As partners, we will increase the amount of business that you’re doing without taxing the time that you need for your core business.

Thank you and I wish you all the best for 2015!

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