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4 Benefits You Can Expect When Closing Small Balance Commercial Loans with APEX Mortgage

For some Banks and Borrowers small balance commercial mortgages are considered “not worth the effort.” That’s not the case when working with APEX Mortgage. APEX can often be the solution for borrowers looking for financing for their commercial properties. Here are a number of benefits you can expect when closing these small balance commercial loans.


with Ted Kapnek, President of APEX Mortgage

Learn how to broker small balance commercial loans with useful advice and referral tips from our growing library of educational videos here.

NEW! Thinking Outside the Bank

with Drew Culkin, Commercial Account Executive

Learn about a recent commercial closing and how APEX uses a common-sense approach to help our brokers close more mortgages.


23 Mar 17

Credit Bureaus Announce Changes to Credit Reports

The decision to remove many tax liens and civil judgments from people’s credit reports could boost scores for millions of U.S. consumers, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. According to the article, the three major credit-reporting firms – Equifax, Inc., Experian PLC and TransUnion – will be…

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21 Mar 17

Fed Raises Benchmark Interest Rate at March Meeting

Last week, the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate to a range between 0.75 percent and 1 percent. This marks the second rate hike in a three-month period. Despite the increase, Federal Reserve chairwoman said that the Fed did not share the optimism of stock market investors and some…

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