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4 Benefits You Can Expect When Closing Small Balance Commercial Loans with APEX Mortgage

For some Banks and Borrowers small balance commercial mortgages are considered “not worth the effort.” That’s not the case when working with APEX Mortgage. APEX can often be the solution for borrowers looking for financing for their commercial properties. Here are a number of benefits you can expect when closing these small balance commercial loans.


17 Jul 18

Commercial Mortgage Terms Your Borrower Should Know

Small-balance commercial mortgage are tools for small business owners seeking to achieve various financial goals. While going through the process of obtaining one of these mortgages, a borrower is going to encounter a lot of terms that may be unfamiliar. As a commercial mortgage broker, it's your job to make…

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12 Jul 18

How to Promote Yourself as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Advertising your services and skills as a commercial mortgage broker is crucial to your success. You need to promote yourself to both potential borrowers and referral sources in order to build your pipeline and your network so that you can close deals. Here are some simple ways to promote yourself…

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