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4 Benefits You Can Expect When Closing Small Balance Commercial Loans with APEX Mortgage

For some Banks and Borrowers small balance commercial mortgages are considered “not worth the effort.” That’s not the case when working with APEX Mortgage. APEX can often be the solution for borrowers looking for financing for their commercial properties. Here are a number of benefits you can expect when closing these small balance commercial loans.


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Learn about a recent commercial closing and how APEX uses a common-sense approach to help our brokers close more mortgages.


20 Jul 17

Why Does Your Borrower Need a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage?

In terms of the lending puzzle, your mortgage borrower’s plans for the money are an important piece, and it’s your job as the broker to provide it. Along with information about your borrower’s credit history, property, and business, your small-balance commercial lender will want to know the use of proceeds…

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18 Jul 17

Finding Balance in Marketing Commercial Mortgages

For commercial mortgage brokers, marketing their services well is going to be an important component of their success. In order to connect with as many borrowers, lenders and referral sources as possible, it’s crucial to utilize all of your options and to strike a balance between both new and old-school…

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