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3 Common Broker Challenges that APEX Solves

Is your borrower self-employed, have trouble verifying income or need money quickly? Do they have credit issues or tax issues? Does their unique situation not fit the mold of a traditional bank borrower? Well, APEX is the answer! Discover 3 Common Broken Challenges that APEX Mortgage Solves.


with Ted Kapnek, President of APEX Mortgage

Learn how to broker small balance commercial loans with useful advice and referral tips from our growing library of educational videos here.

NEW! Thinking Outside the Bank

with Drew Culkin, Commercial Account Executive

Learn about a recent commercial closing and how APEX uses a common-sense approach to help our brokers close more mortgages.


23 Aug 16

Obtaining a Commercial Mortgage for Your Borrower’s Investment Property

In the small-balance commercial mortgage industry, it’s not uncommon for brokers to be contacted by investment property owners looking to secure financing for their buildings. Whether their collateral is a traditional investment property like a multifamily or apartment building or a more commercial building such as a small shopping center,…

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18 Aug 16

Preparing Your Non-Bankable Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Commercial mortgage brokers can face a number of objections from non-bankable borrowers throughout the lending process. However, many of these issues will cease to exist – or at least be easier to manage – if you simply prepare your borrower for the type of loan they can expect to qualify…

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