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4 Benefits You Can Expect When Closing Small Balance Commercial Loans with APEX Mortgage

For some Banks and Borrowers small balance commercial mortgages are considered “not worth the effort.” That’s not the case when working with APEX Mortgage. APEX can often be the solution for borrowers looking for financing for their commercial properties. Here are a number of benefits you can expect when closing these small balance commercial loans.


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17 Oct 17

Getting Non-Bankable Borrowers Commercial Mortgages

For brokers new to the commercial mortgage industry, it might seem like your borrowers have only two options: a bank loan or a hard money loan. However, there are a number of borrowers who qualify for something in between. That’s where small-balance commercial mortgage lenders like APEX Mortgage Corp. come…

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12 Oct 17

Don’t Get Spooked by Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

There’s no reason for brokers to be afraid of small-balance commercial mortgages. This niche presents a great opportunity for you to work in an under served segment of the industry and earn additional income. While it might seem challenging at first, working with a dependable lender like APEX Mortgage Corp.…

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