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APEX is a company that provides loans to individuals & businesses secured by commercial real estate.


Are you ready to learn more about commercial mortgages? APEX’s webinars cover everything from the basics to topics for brokers who are more established in the careers closing commercial mortgages.


Head of the Class: Commercial Loans 101

APEX Mortgage Corp. will show you how to put more money in your pocket by adding commercial mortgages to your current product line. We’ll guide you on a new way to increase your income and give you the tools to successfully acquire and close commercial loans in this webinar.

The Power of Marketing
Whether you’re a one-man broker business or a large broker firm, APEX has sure-fire tips and tools that will help you reach the commercial mortgage audience, send the correct message and do it all with ease.

The Basics of Underwriting a Commercial Mortgage
In just 30 minutes, you will be able to add to your portfolio of products by acquiring enough practical information to understand the basics needed to underwrite a commercial mortgage loan.  

Beyond the Application: What Every Broker Should Know About Getting Their Commercial Loan Closed
You’ve sold the loan and the borrower has signed the commitment letter – The next step is getting the loan closed. Learn about ordering the appraisal and what key items are looked at when determining value; Title reports and the issues that may arise; Potential issues that can delay a closing, and more!

Overcoming Objections: Selling Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgages
Learn how to sell non-conforming commercial mortgages to your borrower using tried and true methods that will help overcome legitimate objections.

How to Develop Referral Sources for Small Commercial Deals

Learn who the top 4 referral sources are, how to reach them and what to do once you’ve got your foot in the door.


Commercial Loans 201

APEX covered commercial mortgage essentials in its webinar, Commercial Loans 101, with a broad brush. We shared the basic guidelines on how to find customers and what questions to ask. In this webinar, Commercial Loans 201, we cover specific details on how and why APEX approves their loan submissions, plus much more!

The Softer Side of Hard Money

APEX has helped brokers obtain financing for their non-bankable clients for over 20 years. Now, we can help you provide small commercial mortgage to clients with hard money needs.  

The Art of the Commercial Sales Call (Part 1)

In the first of 3 webinars covering the art of a commercial sales call, APEX will talk about your first meeting with sources, and how to ensure a follow up. 

The Art of the Commercial Sales Call (Part 2)

In the second of 3 webinars covering the art of a commercial sales call, APEX will cover the following network groups: LinkedIn, Business Network International (BNI), Chamber of Commerce, Rotary. 

The Art of the Commercial Sales Call (Part 3)

In the last of 3 webinars covering the art of a commercial sales call, APEX will discuss what things you need to discuss with your borrower for the deal to go smoothly, as well as what common objections to the deal may come up and how to deal with them. 

Final Steps to Earn Your Commission

APEX wants you to know how to overcome potential roadblocks to a smooth closing and commission check. In this webinar, Final Steps to Earn Your Commission, we cover specific details on how to prevent the most common title issues from delaying your closing, 2 tricks to determine if your subject property will appraise for what you need, plus much more!

Credit Health: Beyond the Score
This webinar will train brokers on how to view credit reports from an underwriter’s perspective. By strengthening your knowledge about credit, you’ll be in much better shape to help your borrowers reach their financial goals.

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