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Broker FAQ

APEX is a company that provides loans to individuals & businesses secured by commercial real estate.

Brokers FAQ

At APEX, we’re committed to helping brokers understand small-balance commercial mortgage requests and our process for closing them. Here are some common questions we receive from new brokers. If you don’t see your question or want more detailed information, give us a call at (877) 604-5304 or email apexmtg@apexmtg.com.

Who is APEX Mortgage Corp.?

APEX is a subsidiary of Firstrust Bank, a Philadelphia institution with over $2.2 billion in assets. Because we are a subsidiary of a privately-owned bank, we have access to virtually unlimited capital and we are expertly positioned to service the needs of customers who fall outside of traditional bank parameters. To learn more about us please visit our About Us page.

Does APEX lend in my state? 

APEX lends in 42 states. APEX does not lend in Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia.

The bank turned my customer down recently, can you help? 

YES! All we do are loans to commercial property owners. We understand their unique needs. APEX takes a “common sense” approach to approving their request. That is, we review all the relevant information about your borrower and their request to determine if we can offer them a financial solution rather than viewing them as simply a credit score. We are helping business owners, like your customer, every day who have been turned down by their bank.

Is my fee protected? 

APEX understands the value of our broker partnerships and all that you bring to the lending process, which is why we’ll always protect your fee. And, YSP is available. If you have any questions about how to make money brokering loans to APEX, call us at  (877) 604-5304.

How long will it take to close a commercial mortgage with APEX? 

You will know the same day you talk to us whether we can help. Generally, loan closings occur within 2-3 weeks from commitment.

What do I need to submit for APEX to review my borrower’s commercial mortgage request ?

It is very easy to get the ball rolling. There are two easy ways to find out how APEX can help you. First, you can submit your deal – answer a few simple questions and one of our loan officers will call you to discuss your request. Or, you can call 800-262-2739 and ask to speak to a loan officer. We’ll need about 15 minutes to learn the basics and let you know how we can help.

Will my customer’s property qualify for a loan with APEX? 

APEX mortgage can make loans on almost all commercial properties. See eligible property types here.

Can my customer use their APEX loan to pay taxes? 

Yes, unlike SBA lenders, APEX understands that there are many reasons why someone may need a loan for taxes. Many borrowers have used their APEX loan to bring their taxes current.

My customer’s credit is not perfect, can you help them? 

Yes. Past credit history is very important to a final loan decision, but APEX understands that small business owners may not have perfect credit and is willing to look at lower credit scores. We take into consideration all aspects of the loan request and listen to their story in order to qualify them.

My bank can’t help my customer because the request is too small. Can APEX help?

Yes. We are happy to consider requests as low as $25,000 and as large as $1.5 million.

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