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APEX Mortgage’s Repeat Rewards Program

APEX is a company that provides loans to individuals & businesses secured by commercial real estate.

Apex Mortgage’s Repeat Rewards Program

Our program is designed to reward brokers for sending us repeat business.


  • Open to all APEX approved brokers. Note: The broker must currently be approved by APEX or in the approval process.
  • Must close 2+ deals within a calendar year to enter the program

Time of Payout:

All earned rewards will be processed and paid to the brokers at the beginning of the following calendar year.

Tiered Rewards:

The program is based on units closed in a single calendar year, not dollar volume.

2 closed loans

  • The broker becomes eligible to enter the rewards program and automatically earns $250 and attains Sapphire status.

3 closed loans

  • The broker becomes earns an additional $500 to their account (account balance= $750), maintains Sapphire status and is eligible for free marketing materials

4 closed loans

  • The broker earns an additional $750 per closed loan to their account balance and attains Gold status.
  • The broker will receive advanced notice of any APEX promotions.
  • The broker is eligible for Correspondent status, including special pricing. For those not interested in becoming a Correspondent, they will be given par pricing on all deals from #5 onward.

Going Forward

  • Once a broker attains entry into the rewards program they will not have to requalify in the following calendar year.
  • Brokers will need to close deals in the following year to remain in the program and retain their status.
  • Gold Tier brokers will need to close one deal per quarter to retain their status
  • Sapphire Tier brokers will need to close one deal every four months to retain their status.
  • Payouts to Gold brokers in the 2nd year will be $750 per deal, as long as they meeting their closing requirement.
  • Payouts to Sapphire brokers will be $500 per deal, as long as they meet their closing requirement.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this great rewards program and earn more with APEX Mortgage.

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