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Driving Commercial Mortgage Leads Using Social Media Channels

Attracting new commercial mortgage leads is one of the most important factors in any broker’s success. In the digital age, making these connections is faster and simpler than it’s ever been. However, you need to know how to use each social media channel properly in order to attract the right audience. Here’s how you can use each site to increase your commercial mortgage leads:

  • LinkedIn:

    Perhaps the most useful site for professionals in most industries, LinkedIn is a great tool for commercial mortgage brokers looking to develop relationships with referral sources and borrowers. Start by joining relevant industry groups and observing the conversation. Be sure to engage with sources and borrowers whom you believe would benefit from your services. You can also keep your contacts informed about recent closings, product offerings and events you’ll be attending by sharing an update or creating a post.

  • Twitter:

    You’ve only got 140 characters to get your message across, so Twitter forces you to boil down what you want to say into a few concise sentences. You can use Twitter as a way to share industry news, your company’s website and blog posts and any commercial mortgages you’ve closed recently. Be sure to become familiar with industry hashtags so that you can tag your posts appropriately to reach the widest interested audience.

  • Facebook:

    With over one billion users, Facebook is the social media channel with the greatest reach. It can be tricky to use as a business, but it’s a great way to keep interested parties informed about your brokering business’s progress and to keep your services in front of them. Facebook is also a great place to share visuals such as photos and videos.

  • YouTube:

    Because it’s owned by Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, as well as one of the most widely used. If you’re not camera shy, YouTube is a great place to post informational videos about the commercial mortgage industry, as well as stories you have about recently closed loans.

Developing relationships with mortgage referral sources and borrowers is the key to closing more commercial mortgages. By using sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the right way, you can begin connecting with new leads and building the relationships that will determine your success.

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