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Commercial Mortgages: What Small Businesses Need to Know

Commercial mortgages can help small businesses reach the financial success they are aiming for.  While going through the commercial mortgage process, there are many mortgage terms and a vast amount of financial information to absorb in a short period of time.  At APEX, we put together this quick reference guide to help explain common commercial mortgage terms […]

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How to Get a Commercial Loan on an Auto Repair Property

Whether you are refinancing an auto repair business you already own or purchasing an auto repair property, a commercial lender will want to see some basic information so they can determine if you qualify for a commercial loan.  This basic information includes the following items: Know your credit score and understand your credit report. You can […]

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How to Be a Star in your Lender’s Eyes

10 Things You Need To Know Before You Call A Commercial Lender How often does it happen to you?  You call your favorite commercial lender to present them with your latest, most exciting deal and they inevitably ask you a question to which you do not have the answer.  You walk away from the conversation needing […]

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How to find commercial mortgages? What do I do when I find a lead?

Some questions that I get asked from many mortgage brokers are: “How do I find commercial mortgage and loan deals?” “I have a client coming in this afternoon to talk about a commercial mortgage, what do I do?” “Any commercial borrowers that are approvable are already going to their local bank, how can I get […]

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Expanding your Offerings Means More Potential for Commissions

5 Tips for adding Commercial Lending to your product offerings When you provide exceptional service to a client, they often come back to you for other needs. It is for this reason that it makes sense for residential brokers to offer a wide array of products. Commercial mortgages are a great add on and with […]

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Small Business Owners ~ Talk the Talk Before Walking the Walk

For small business owners looking to borrow money, it’s important to know your commercial lender as much as the lender wants to know you. What’s one way to find out about each other? Have a conversation. It’s important for the borrower and the lender to speak directly to each other during the application process to […]

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Warehouse Lending : How To Get Warehouse Loans Approved

As a warehouse owner, there may be a time when you need to obtain additional financing by applying for a warehouse loan.  Financial institutions like APEX Mortgage Corp. offer a variety of warehouse lending services to help you achieve the financial assistance you are seeking.  Here are five great tips for getting a warehouse loan approved by your commercial […]

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Qualifying for an Apartment Building Mortgage

What is the most important factor in getting a loan or mortgage for your apartment building?  Rental income. This means before you even start to look for a lender, you need to get all your income figures, data and paperwork together. 4 important factors that a bank will consider before approving your loan: Rental income […]

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