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Residential Mortgages vs. Commercial Mortgages:Tips for Preparing Your Client for the Commercial Loan Process

If you’re a novice commercial mortgage broker or a residential broker crossing over into the commercial world, it is important for you to understand the differences in the fees and costs associated with these types of loans before you begin to sell them to your client. LTV and pricing will probably be the two most […]

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The New 5-C’s of Commercial Loan Underwriting

Everybody who is involved with lending money has heard of the 5 C’s of credit.  Traditionally these C’s were Character, Capacity, Collateral, Conditions and Capital. America’s small businesses have worked hard to survive the recent recession.  By all accounts, we are still in the beginning stages of a slow recovery with businesses starting to do […]

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A Common Commercial Mortgage Broker Question

At Apex Mortgage we are asked many questions from mortgage brokers but the most common question I get is “What is APEX’s sweet spot for loans?” It is not so much the property type but more the borrower.  We lend to borrowers who are unable to qualify for bank financing.  The situation may be due […]

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Debunking the 5 Myths about Commercial Lending

Myth #1: Commercial lending is hard because of all the paperwork and calculations. Commercial lending requires no more effort than a basic home refi. All you need to do is complete a 1003, or any proprietary application form, for all the owners or stockholders of the property. There are many lenders that will look at […]

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In 2013, Commercial Mortgages & Multifamily Lending Growing while Retail Property Loans Shrinking

The financial crisis has certainly changed a lot of things for a lot of people, but one thing is certain: it has not affected all sectors of the mortgage market equally. In fact, there are segments of the mortgage market which are thriving so far in 2013 – like the commercial and multifamily lending market, […]

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Mortgages for Office Buildings

If you’re look to purchase an office building to start your own business or rent to other businesses, or you’d like to refinance on your office building, a commercial loan can help you achieve those goals. In order to start to process, though, there will be some basic information that you’ll need to provide the […]

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Balloon Payment Due? Consider Refinancing.

Many small business owners are about to come face to face with a big problem: balloon payments are coming due. Banks usually re-evaluate commercial loans every five to ten years, and they can either decide to renew the commercial loans or ask the borrowers to pay them off which is the balloon payment. Now, commercial […]

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Mortgages for Retail Office Buildings

Whether you’re looking to purchase a retail office building or would like to refinance and make some improvements or pay some bills, a commercial loan with Apex Mortgage Corp. can help you reach your goals. Here are some helpful tips to get you started when looking for financing from Apex. Know your credit score and understand your […]

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Mortgages for Day Care Buildings

As more parents return to the workforce, the demand for child care has increased, giving more entrepreneurs the option of starting or improving a day care facility. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing a day care facility, there will be some basic information that a commercial mortgage lender will need to get started. It’s best to have and understand these […]

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