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Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgages Are a Great Tool for Small Businesses

Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgages for Small Businesses

Whether you’re a commercial mortgage broker, a banker, an accountant or a financial advisor, you’re working with small business owners in your community. Many of these individuals are going to need mortgages, but won’t qualify for bank loans, so it’s important that you know where to direct them in order to help them achieve their […]

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Consider the Alternative: Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgages

alternative mortgage

What do you do if your commercial mortgage borrower is turned down for a bank loan? It’s a question every broker in the business of closing commercial deals should be asking themselves in order to make sure they’re providing borrowers with the best possible financing options. After a bank turndown, a high-interest hard money loan […]

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Beyond the 5 Cs of Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgage originators are familiar with the 5 Cs used to evaluate prospective borrowers — credit, collateral, character, capacity and common sense. Borrowers are often much less familiar with the standards, and they benefit when originators can explain how each influences lending decisions. Loan originators know that working in the small-balance commercial mortgage niche can […]

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Don’t Fret Over a Bank-Loan Turndown: Hard Money Isn’t The Only Option

What do you do when your borrower is declined for a commercial mortgage loan at a bank? This is a question most commercial mortgage brokers are going to face at one time or another, since there are many small-business owners who will not qualify for traditional financing.  It might seem that after a bank turns […]

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Prospecting for Commercial Mortgages Leads

One of the most crucial factors of any commercial mortgage broker’s success is the individual’s ability to generate quality leads. Brokers need to focus time and energy on making sure new deals are consistently entering their pipeline. There are four main components brokers must be aware of if they are looking to attract additional business […]

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Develop a Broad Skill Set to Close Commercial Mortgages

Success for commercial mortgage brokers comes down to not just working hard, but working smart. A combination of a strong work ethic and common sense will serve any broker well, regardless of the types of commercial loans they seek to close. Developing a prosperous and secure business will require high standards for yourself and your […]

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Boost Your Commercial Mortgage Business with Social Media

Staying connected to and interacting with potential borrowers and referral sources is a big part of succeeding as a mortgage professional. For commercial mortgage brokers, one of the most valuable tools available for doing this is social media. Taking advantage of the power and potential of the various social media sites available is a great […]

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Commercial Mortgage Marketing Tactics for New Brokers

If you’re a residential broker looking to expand your product offerings to include small commercial mortgages, marketing yourself appropriately will be a key factor in determining your success. You need to prepare yourself to become a competent and skilled commercial broker. If you don’t devote any time or effort to developing and promoting your skills […]

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Find the Right Commercial Mortgage for Your Borrower

Interest rates are going to continue to rise. That’s the general consensus among experts in various sectors of the financial industry, and commercial mortgage brokers will need to keep that in mind when assessing financing for borrowers. Brokers need to understand how a rising-rate environment affects both their clients’ decision-making process and a lender’s analysis. […]

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In-Person Meetings Are Still Essential for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Online marketing is essential, but it does not replace old-school, in-person communication. Few marketers in the commercial mortgage business need to be convinced of the importance of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. But those social media platforms work best when they are combined with trade shows, seminars and community meetings that emphasize traditional in-person contact. In […]

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