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How to Recognize a Great Commercial Mortgage Lender

How to Recognize a Great Commercial Mortgage Lender

For commercial mortgage brokers, the number one priority is to close loans. To accomplish this, it’s crucial to develop relationships with good lenders. You’re going to want to partner with lenders who are adaptable and willing to work with you and your clients, who offer support and guidance, and who take a good deal of the back-end work off your plate so that you can focus on bringing in new business.

Below is a selection of our blogs written to help brokers recognize what makes a great lender partner.

The Benefits of a Flexible Commercial Mortgage Lender

To be successful, it’s important for mortgage brokers to work with a variety of lenders, including flexible lenders who specialize in small-balance commercial financing. While banks and other traditional funding sources are going to be important to your business, a small-balance commercial lender that offers flexibility will allow you to fund tougher deals and earn additional income. Click here to learn more about how working with these adaptable lenders will support and strengthen your business.

The Benefits of a Small-Balance Commercial Lender Who Handles Processing

Closing small-balance commercial mortgages can be an easy way for residential brokers to expand their product offerings and earn more. However, it’s important to determine whether a lender handles processing or whether you’ll be expected to take care of it yourself. It’s much simpler for brokers when the lender handles things like ordering the appraisal and title work and scheduling the closing. Click here to read about the benefits of working with a lender who has a great processing team.

Choose a Commercial Mortgage Lender that Supports Brokers

The partnerships that brokers develop with commercial mortgage lenders play a major role in their success. So, it’s important to work with lenders who are willing to provide you with some support. Your relationship with any lender is a two-way street, and if they realize this, they’ll be willing to offer resources that will benefit both parties in the long run. Click here to learn about what you should be looking for in a commercial mortgage lender.

APEX Guides Brokers Through the Commercial Mortgage Process

Brokers looking to begin closing small-balance commercial mortgages need to carefully consider the lender they choose to work with. It’s important to find a lender who understands the needs of commercial brokers and will work closely with them to close more loans and help to further develop their skills. At APEX, we value our brokers, which is why we’re prepared to guide them through the process of closing commercial mortgages. Click here to read about APEX can offer.

Do you have questions about how APEX can help you earn more closing small-balance commercial mortgages? Contact us at (877) 604-5304 today.

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