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Writing Impactful Commercial Mortgage Blog Posts

As a commercial mortgage broker, your job is to secure financing for borrowers. In order to drive the commercial leads that will lead to closed loans, you need to let borrowers know that you have the knowledge and skills to get them the commercial mortgage they need. One simple way to do this is to write relevant blog posts your borrowers will find helpful.

Here’s how to get started:

Focus on common challenges.

For many small business owners, there are some typical obstacles they face when trying to obtain a commercial mortgage. Whether it’s less-than-stellar credit, income verification issues or a small loan amount, qualifying for a bank loan is going to be difficult for many commercial borrowers. Whether the reason is less-than-stellar credit, issues with income verification or a small loan amount, these are all topics you can address in blogs.

Provide solutions.

Once you’ve addressed common problems facing non-bankable borrowers, it’s important to offer solutions. This is your opportunity in the blog to explain why a commercial mortgage broker is a good investment, as finding non-traditional financing without one can be a challenge.

Educate your borrowers.

Another way to create blogs is to educate your borrowers about various aspects of the lending process and the commercial mortgage industry itself. Taking the time to explain these subjects is a great way to establish your expertise and credibility as a broker.

Keep it simple.

When you’re writing a blog for borrowers, it’s important to make sure it’s understandable. Use simple language and explanations throughout, and once you’ve posted it, make sure to engage with borrowers who have questions.

Writing a blog allows brokers to communicate with potential borrowers while demonstrating their value and experience. Remember to write about common obstacles that these borrowers will face, and offer solutions to these problems. You can also teach your borrowers about obtaining commercial mortgages and the important things about the industry. Just remember to keep it simple and to be there when potential borrowers have questions.


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