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How to Become an Industry-Educated Commercial Mortgage Broker

Every new commercial mortgage broker has to start somewhere, and a great place to begin is through educating yourself about the business of closing commercial loans. In the commercial mortgage industry, in order to successfully navigate in this space you need to understand all you can about it. This knowledge will establish your credibility as a commercial mortgage broker with borrowers, referral sources and lenders. Here’s how you can begin learning:

  • Read mortgage industry publications.

    The mortgage industry boasts numerous publications dedicated to keeping professionals informed of trends, events and general news. If you want to gain a better understanding of what’s going on in the commercial mortgage business, subscribing to some of these publications is a great idea. Most also have a website with a commercial mortgage blog where brokers can read up on the news for free.

  • Participate in financial networking groups and forums.

    Whether it’s a group that meets in person or simply discusses the commercial mortgage industry in an Internet forum, it’s a great idea to get involved with some industry groups. These forums will give you the benefit of interacting with experienced brokers and lenders while learning more about the industry. Commercial mortgage brokers and lenders can ask and answer questions, discuss industry trends and make business connections with other members.

  • Take advantage of free commercial mortgage webinars.

    There are a lot of learning resources on the Internet and these include the free commercial mortgage webinars that some companies offer. Working with a lender who offers educational webinars is a great idea because you’ll be learning about the industry and will know you’re working with a lender dedicated to your success. These webinars are led by experienced professionals and often give participants a chance to ask questions and interact with the presenter.

In order to succeed in the commercial mortgage industry, you need to be a knowledgeable broker. Educating yourself about the industry and the lending process will impress potential borrowers and referral sources, as well as commercial mortgage lenders. Gaining this knowledge about commercial mortgages will help you to bring in more business, close more loans and earn additional income.

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