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How to Become a Commercial Mortgage Broker

At APEX Mortgage Corp., we’re committed to providing our brokers with great resources so that they can succeed in the commercial mortgage industry. Whether you’re a residential broker looking to begin closing commercial mortgages or a commercial broker looking to expand your product offerings, APEX can supply the information you need thrive.

Here are a few tips on how become a top-notch, commercial mortgage broker:

  • Watch the APEX Webinar Series:

    APEX’s webinars give brokers all of the basic information they need to begin closing commercial mortgages. From building up your referral network to selling the terms of a small-balance commercial mortgage, APEX can guide you through the process of closing loans.

  • Connect with Commercial Mortgage Leads:

    A successful commercial mortgage broker is only as good as their leads. Reaching out to borrowers seeking small-balance commercial financing and developing connections with referral sources is important. Learn more about connecting with commercial mortgage leads.

  • Utilize the Marketing Ideas That Work for Commercial Mortgage Brokers:

    It’s important for commercial mortgage brokers to properly market themselves and their companies. In order to drive in business, you need to make lasting connections and engage potential clients and referral sources. Get some great marketing ideas for commercial mortgage brokers.

  • Set Your Commercial Mortgage Fee:

    Closing small-balance commercial mortgages is a great way to expand your business and earn additional income, and setting your broker fee is an important part of the process. Learn more about how to set the right commission fee.

What APEX Mortgage Corp. Offers Brokers:

APEX understands the value of the mortgage brokers with whom we work, and we’re dedicated to offering them the best possible service. Get the details about our quick turnaround times, flexibility, and broker fee protection.

For additional information about how to successfully broker commercial mortgage loans browse our website or give us a call at (215) 283-8880.

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