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Increasing Your Opportunities with Small-Balance Commercial Lending

In the post-recession economy, non-conforming commercial mortgage lenders like APEX Mortgage have filled a financing void. Mortgage brokers who aren’t doing business with these lenders are missing out on an opportunity to place their non-bankable borrowers’ loans and increase their business. If you have a borrower who has been turned down by their local bank, a lender like APEX can be a great solution. Here’s how we can help you close more commercial mortgages:

  • We understand non-bankable borrowers.

    Banks are far more limited in terms of the loans they can finance. In the wake of new regulations, non-conforming commercial mortgage lenders have stepped in to provide mortgages to borrowers who fit outside the banks’ credit box. APEX has been funding small-balance commercial mortgages for 25 years. We have the experience needed to understand your borrowers’ situations and provide them with the financing solutions they need.

  • We don’t charge upfront fees.

    Unlike some small-balance commercial lenders, APEX does not charge any upfront fees. APEX underwrites each loan completely before a commitment letter is sent out, and your borrower will only need to pay the cost of a commercial appraisal before closing.

  • We offer long-term mortgages.

    Many non-bankable borrowers and commercial mortgage brokers turn to hard money lenders after they’ve been turned down by their local bank, believing that a short-term, high-interest loan is their only option. In many instances, this simply isn’t the case. APEX can offer your non-bankable borrowers fixed rates and fully-amortizing terms for up to 25 years.

  • We lend on most commercial properties.

    With a handful of exceptions, APEX provides small-balance mortgages on most commercial property types. Whether your borrower owns a mixed-use building, a funeral home, a warehouse or an apartment building, APEX can get them the financing they need to achieve their goals.

If you’re a commercial mortgage broker who isn’t working with non-conforming commercial lenders, you’re missing out on the change to close more deals and earn additional income. This niche in the commercial mortgage industry is full of opportunities for enterprising brokers looking to increase their business. If you’re not closing small-balance commercial mortgages now, let APEX help you add these to your product line in 2016.

For more information about APEX Mortgage Corp. and how we can help you close more loans, call 800-262-2739.

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