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How Commercial Mortgage Brokers Can Give Back

As successful small business owners, it’s important that we give back to our communities. Each year, APEX Mortgage chooses a charity to support, and recently we chose the Ronald McDonald House. Throughout 2014 we cooked several dinners at Philadelphia-area Ronald McDonald Houses, as well as raised money for the organization through activities at our offices. As APEX prepares to research our charity options for 2015, we encourage the commercial mortgage brokers who do business with us to find a way to help their community as well. Here are some tips on choosing a charity that fits you:

  • Choose something you’re passionate about

    Whether it’s education, fighting poverty and hunger, or furthering economic development in your community, find a charity that has a mission in which you believe and support. Be sure to discuss charity options with your employees as well, so that everyone at your company is excited about working with the charity.

  • Do your research

    Look into various charitable organizations in your area. Read their mission statements. Verify that this is something to which you want to devote time and money. A great way to choose a charity is to ask your employees about charities with which they are involved, as they can give you a firsthand account of how the charity operates and benefits others.

  • Choose a charity where you can be “hands on”

    It’s nice to donate money to an organization, but donating your time to a worthy cause is a rewarding experience. Whether you and your employees are cooking meals for those in need, or running a food or clothing drive, be sure you have the opportunity to do this.

Getting your company involved with a local charity is a great way to give back, as well as to foster a sense of camaraderie among employees.  Be sure to do your research and ask your employees for input so that you can choose a cause in which everyone is invested and can enjoy a hands-on experience.

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