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More About APEX Mortgage Corp.The small-balance commercial mortgage industry is an under-served market full of business opportunities for enterprising mortgage brokers. However, if you’re unfamiliar with commercial mortgages, you’ll want to work with a commercial mortgage lender with plenty of industry knowledge and a proven track record of closing loans for brokers. At APEX, brokers are our main source of business, and we’re committed to working with and helping them to develop their skills. Here’s what APEX can offer you:


For over 20 years, APEX has been closing small-balance commercial mortgages for our brokers. We have the experience and know-how to provide our brokers with the skills and knowledge that they need in order to succeed in the commercial mortgage industry.


APEX highly values our brokers, and we know the amount of work it takes to develop a relationship with your borrower. APEX brokers can earn a total fee of five percent on the deals they close, including up to two points YSP. Your fee will be protected in the commitment letter.

Common sense:

It can be difficult to maintain client relationships with borrowers who are turned down by their local banks. APEX is a great option for your borrowers with credit issues, cash flow problems or unusual property types. Our underwriters will listen to your borrowers’ stories and will work to find a financing solution.  And, we accept most commercial property types.


APEX is a fully-owned subsidiary of Firstrust Bank, a financial institution based in Philadelphia. Because of this, APEX has nearly unlimited access to capital to provide your borrowers with the commercial mortgages they need.


Many brokers shy away from small-balance commercial mortgages because they simply don’t have the time to work on the loans. At APEX, we handle all of the processing. We order the appraisal, handle the title work and schedule the closing so that you can continue finding new commercial business.


APEX Mortgage Corp. is committed to making sure our brokers develop the knowledge they need to navigate the commercial mortgage industry. We offer a wide array of educational blogs and webinars designed to teach brokers everything they need to know about the commercial lending process.

Succeeding in the small-balance commercial mortgage industry depends largely on selecting the right lender. It’s important to select a lender with plenty of experience and flexibility. Brokers who work with APEX can expect a lender that is vested in their success and will provide the tools, education and capital that they need to do well and to close more commercial mortgages.

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