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Generating Commercial Mortgage Leads with Text Emails

Email marketing is an excellent tool for commercial mortgage brokers, as we’ve discussed before. Regular emails allow you to contact your referral networks as well as prospective commercial borrowers and provide them with useful information regarding your services. One of the most effective types of email, though, is the very simple text email.  You don’t need a graphic designer; you just need to provide a few sentences about how you can help customers obtain the funding they need.

Here’s how you can begin crafting effective text emails:

  • Keep it simple.

    Text emails should be short and to-the-point. No one wants to open an email and be faced with reading several long paragraphs. Condense your message into about three to four short sentences explaining how your business can help.

  • Utilize your current network.

    The referral network and past commercial mortgage clients you already have in place are a valuable place to start when deciding who to email. Make sure to create a text email specifically geared toward borrowers and another targeted to your referral sources if you plan to email both groups. They have different needs, and each email should reflect that.

  • Focus on your strengths.

    When composing these text emails, it’s important to differentiate yourself from other commercial mortgage brokers. Why should a borrower or referral source choose to work with you? What value can you add? These are the questions you should be asking and answering in each text email you send.

  • Include calls-to-action.

    In order to retain information about commercial mortgage leads, you should include calls-to-action in each email. As we’ve discussed before, these are designed to induce an immediate response to your marketing piece. It could be as simple as telling them to give you a call, visit your website or fill out an online form.

Text emails are an easy, efficient way for commercial mortgage brokers to let their referral network and prospective borrowers know about the services they offer. If you’re interested in acquiring more commercial mortgage leads, these simple emails are a great way to get started.

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