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Finding Your Borrower A Commercial Mortgage Solution

Some commercial mortgage deals simply can’t be done. At least, that’s the way it might seem when you’re working with a borrower who has a difficult or unique situation. These are the borrowers who face bank turndowns and need more inventive solutions. If you do a little digging, you’ll find that there are commercial lenders who have the ability to be flexible, listen to your borrowers’ stories, and loan them the money they need.

For instance, APEX Mortgage Corp. recently closed a loan for a borrower looking to purchase a building. Here’s how APEX helped:

  • The borrower in question was an interior designer looking to purchase a property to create a new showroom for their business. However, when APEX reviewed the situation, it was noted that the borrower did not have enough money to put down for the purchase.
  • After reviewing the borrower’s information, APEX advised the borrower that they could blanket the purchase property along with an investment property in another state which the borrower also owned. This allowed the borrower to put down less money for the purchase.
  • This borrower’s broker was convinced APEX would not be able to fund this loan. However, unlike many banks and non-conforming lenders, APEX is able to blanket properties and mix purchase and refinance mortgages in order to meet a borrower’s unique needs.
  • Many lenders would have turned this borrower down. However, APEX is a lender that can listen to your borrowers’ stories and develop creative solutions for your borrowers’ financing needs. Our underwriters are committed to working with you and your borrowers in order to get them the commercial mortgage they need.

Are you a commercial broker working with a borrower with a challenging or unique situation? Call APEX Mortgage Corp. at 800-262-2739 or submit your deal here.

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