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Drive Mortgage Leads With Your Website

If you’re looking to close more commercial mortgages, you need to be able to drive in leads. While the tried and true methods of traditional advertising, networking and calling are still relevant in today’s market, brokers also need a digital presence in order to give them an edge in today’s evolving industry. The keystone of any business’s digital strategy is its website.

Here’s how you can generate commercial mortgage leads through yours:

  • Make sure your website reflects your business.

    When you’re working to attract visitors to your site, it’s important to make sure the design fits your business and that the site is functional and easy-to-navigate. This lends your website an air of professionalism and credibility.

  • Know what people are searching for and give it to them.

    It’s important to know the terms your borrowers and referral sources are searching for. Google has a keyword tool which provides the search volume for particular keywords. Find out what the most-searched terms are and use those to develop your content so that your website can be more easily found.

  • Provide links to the website.

    Link to your site anywhere it’s relevant. Press releases, email campaigns, your YouTube channel and social media sites should all include a link to your website.

  • Promote your website through social media.

    In addition to providing a link to your website, you should use your social media sites to promote specific content from your site, such as blogs or videos. Make sure that this content is interesting and informative in order to drive borrowers and referral sources to the site.

In order to succeed as a broker, you need a good website to bring in more commercial mortgage leads. Make sure your website is well-designed and functional and that you’re providing information for which potential borrowers and referral sources are searching. It’s also important to link to your website through various digital marketing materials and to promote the site through your existing social media channels. Dedication to producing a good website generates good commercial mortgage leads, and will help you to close more loans and earn more income.

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