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Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses Getting A Commercial Mortgage

Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners

Obtaining a small-balance commercial mortgage is a great opportunity for small business owners and commercial property investors to accomplish their goals, but it’s also a chance for you to refresh your marketing message. Depending on the reason you’ve chosen to apply for commercial financing, it could be a great time to touch base with your […]

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Finding Business in the Commercial Mortgage Market

Education and networking are crucial when pursuing new origination channels For residential mortgage brokers, business development in the commercial field may seem like a challenging prospect. At the same time, however, turning down commercial loan applications that come across your desk is tantamount to turning away revenue. You may find opportunities to close more loans […]

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First Impressions Matter for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

For commercial mortgage brokers, the relationships you build with referral sources will play a critical role in your success. So, of course, first impressions when you meet potential sources are very important. You need to express an interest in your sources’ businesses to gain their trust and begin developing a mutually beneficial partnership.Here’s how you […]

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Commercial Mortgage Originations Projected to Remain Strong through 2018

Commercial and multifamily mortgage originations are expected to close out 2018 at roughly the same level seen in 2017, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). MBA projects that commercial and multifamily mortgage origination totals will hit $532 billion, just over last year’s record volume of $530 billion. Multifamily mortgage originations are expected to increase […]

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How to Refinance Your Borrower’s Commercial Mortgage

For commercial property owners, refinancing can be an important step in the process of achieving their goals. It can pay off debts, free up cash for inventory or property improvements or consolidate debts into one monthly payment. As a broker, it’s your job to help them navigate the commercial lending process and secure the financing […]

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Don’t Be Afraid of Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

As the air cools, the leaves change, and Halloween approaches, there’s plenty to be spooked by, but brokering small-balance commercial mortgages doesn’t need to be one of them. Working with borrowers who need alternative financing is a great opportunity for brokers to increase business, as well as their income. Whether you’re a residential broker or […]

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Know Why Your Borrower Needs a Commercial Mortgage

How is your borrower planning to use the money? It’s an important question that small-balance commercial mortgage lenders will ask, and as a broker, you need to be able to answer it. Knowing and understanding your borrower’s use of funds will help you and the lender determine if the commercial mortgage makes sense for all […]

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Creating Webinars for Non-Bankable Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Brokers have plenty of options when it comes to marketing their services and one of the best is the webinar. Webinars allow brokers to provide borrowers with helpful information no matter where they’re located, and it’s a great way for brokers to show borrowers that they understand the needs of small business owners who can’t […]

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