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A Broker’s Guide to Refinancing Commercial Mortgages

Refinancing Commercial Mortgages

As a commercial mortgage broker, one of the most common scenarios you’ll see is a borrower looking to refinance their property. To assist them, you need to know what a lender will need to evaluate a scenario, what the borrower’s financial situation is, and what they’re planning to do with the funds, among other things. […]

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How Brokers Can Help To Refinance a Commercial Property

Refinancing a commercial property is an important step in the process of achieving goals for many small business owners and commercial property investors. Refinancing a property can help a borrower pay off an existing mortgage, free up cash for inventory or property improvements, or consolidate their business debts into a simpler monthly payment. As a commercial […]

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Getting Your Commercial Borrower a Blanket Mortgage

For brokers, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a commercial mortgage lender is their flexibility when it comes to getting deals done. And while small-balance commercial lenders are generally much more flexible than banks and other traditional lenders, many cannot provide borrowers with a particular type of financing solution – the […]

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Refinancing Your Commercial Borrower’s Mortgage

There are many small business owners looking to refinance their commercial property at any given moment, and as a broker, it’s your job to help them secure that mortgage. In order to get them the right commercial mortgage for their needs and place them with the correct lender, there’s some information you’ll need. Here’s what […]

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