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How to Handle a Commercial Borrower’s Bank Turndown

Being turned down for a commercial bank loan can feel like the end of the road for a borrower. As a broker, it’s your job to let them know that they have other options and to find a lender and a commercial mortgage that best fits their needs. So, here’s how you should proceed when […]

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How to Spot Borrowers Who Need Alternative Commercial Mortgages

how to spot a borrower who needs alternative commercial mortgages

If you’re a broker looking to add more deals to your pipeline and earn more money, alternative commercial mortgages are a great place to start. When you work with the right lender and know how to find potential borrowers, it’s a simple and fast way to close more loans. Here’s how to spot borrowers who […]

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The Best Way to Sell Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

the best way to sell small balance commercial mortgages

One of the most common challenges every commercial broker faces is selling alternative, small-balance mortgages to non-bankable borrowers. If your clients went into the process expecting bank rates and terms, it becomes even more difficult. The best way to sell small-balance commercial mortgages is to explain from the beginning about the type of loan your borrower […]

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The Benefits of Non-Bank Commercial Mortgage Lenders

If you’re a residential or commercial mortgage broker looking to increase your business and your income, working with non-bankable borrowers is a great place to start. For these borrowers, non-bank commercial mortgage lenders will obviously be your best bet. These lenders are a great resource and can help you close deals for borrowers who have […]

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Crafting a Credit Explanation for Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

There are plenty of small business owners out there who need commercial mortgages, but are unable to obtain them from a traditional financing source because of past credit issues. If you choose to work with these borrowers as a commercial mortgage broker, it’s your job to find lenders who will fund these borrowers’ requests. In […]

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Is Your Commercial Borrower Stuck Between the Bank and a Hard Place?

As most commercial mortgage brokers know, there are a number of reasons your borrower could be turned down by the bank. Whether it’s past credit issues, unpaid taxes or an unusual property type, it’s your job to understand why your commercial mortgage borrower is non-bankable and to provide a solution. For some borrowers, a short-term […]

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Score Points with Your Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgage Lender

Closing small-balance commercial mortgages for non-bankable borrowers is a team sport much like basketball. It requires a thorough knowledge of industry fundamentals, the right skills, the right plan, and the right people in place. A commercial mortgage broker is often a critical part of the commercial mortgage team, so it’s important for you to understand […]

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Creating Webinars for Non-Bankable Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Brokers have plenty of options when it comes to marketing their services and one of the best is the webinar. Webinars allow brokers to provide borrowers with helpful information no matter where they’re located, and it’s a great way for brokers to show borrowers that they understand the needs of small business owners who can’t […]

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Selling Alternative Financing to Your Non-Bankable Commercial Borrower

Commercial borrowers who can’t qualify for bank financing have options, although they might not realize it. As a broker, you need to be able to present them with these alternatives and sell them on a non-conforming commercial mortgage. It’s not unusual for borrowers to have some reservations about alternative financing, but you can sell them […]

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Securing Your Borrower Mortgage for a Commercial Property Purchase

Owning the property out of which their business operates is a dream for many small business owners. It makes their lives much simpler and allows for greater control of their finances and business. Whether your borrower is looking to purchase the space they rent, expand their current operations or own an investment property, as a […]

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