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Securing a Commercial Mortgage for your Borrower’s Office Building

For borrowers who own or are looking to purchase a smaller office building, obtaining a commercial mortgage can sometimes be a challenge. However, there are lenders who specialize in small-balance commercial mortgages who have the expertise to finance these properties. If you’re a broker working with a borrower seeking a small-balance product, these lenders are […]

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Securing a Commercial Mortgage for a Mixed-Use Investment Property

As a commercial mortgage broker, you’ll be working with plenty of borrowers who own or are looking to purchase investment properties. Mixed-use buildings are a particularly common property type for which borrowers will be seeking financing, and it’s important to know how to present these properties to small-balance commercial mortgage lenders. Here’s what you’ll need […]

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Four Common Reasons Borrowers Refinance a Commercial Property

There are many factors that a small-balance commercial mortgage lender takes into account when reviewing a borrower’s request to refinance their property. One of the most important pieces of information your lender will need to make their decision is the use of funds. Knowing how your borrower plans to use the money allows the small-balance […]

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Getting Your Commercial Borrower a Mortgage for an Investment Property

For brokers looking to close small-balance commercial mortgages, borrowers looking to finance investment properties are a solid segment of the market. Whether your borrower is looking to finance something as simple as a multifamily property or something a little more complex, like a shopping center, brokers need to know how to present these requests to […]

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Opportunity in Commercial Mortgages for Office Properties

According to a recent report in Scotsman Guide, the nation’s office market has maintained steady growth and is expected to continue to do so. Rents have risen 0.5% in the first quarter of 2017, which is the same average quarterly growth rate as in the previous year. The article also states that office-employment growth remains […]

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APEX Gives Brokers the Freedom to Earn More Money

Today, APEX Mortgage would like to wish brokers a Happy Fourth of July! We hope your holiday is fun, safe and relaxing. When the cookouts are finished and the fireworks have fizzled out, we’d like to remind you that APEX offers our commercial mortgage brokers the opportunity to make more money with less hassle. Here’s […]

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