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Commercial Mortgage Marketing Q&A

Commercial Mortgage Q&A

For mortgage brokers who are new to small-balance commercial mortgages, marketing your services is crucial to securing leads and closing deals. At APEX, supporting our brokers so that they can succeed is a top priority, and that includes giving you the knowledge and tools you need to sell your skills. So, in that spirit, here […]

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Tips For A Successful Commercial Mortgage Broker Website

Commercial Mortgage Brokers Need an Online Presence

We all know that every commercial mortgage broker needs a website that draws people in, including potential borrowers, referral sources and commercial mortgage leads. It’s a simple fact that in the digital age we live in, a strong, vital website is critical. Most borrowers and referral sources looking to work with a mortgage broker are […]

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Boost Your Commercial Mortgage Business with Social Media

Staying connected to and interacting with potential borrowers and referral sources is a big part of succeeding as a mortgage professional. For commercial mortgage brokers, one of the most valuable tools available for doing this is social media. Taking advantage of the power and potential of the various social media sites available is a great […]

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Commercial Mortgage Marketing Tactics for New Brokers

If you’re a residential broker looking to expand your product offerings to include small commercial mortgages, marketing yourself appropriately will be a key factor in determining your success. You need to prepare yourself to become a competent and skilled commercial broker. If you don’t devote any time or effort to developing and promoting your skills […]

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In-Person Meetings Are Still Essential for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

Online marketing is essential, but it does not replace old-school, in-person communication. Few marketers in the commercial mortgage business need to be convinced of the importance of Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. But those social media platforms work best when they are combined with trade shows, seminars and community meetings that emphasize traditional in-person contact. In […]

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First Impressions Matter for Commercial Mortgage Brokers

For commercial mortgage brokers, the relationships you build with referral sources will play a critical role in your success. So, of course, first impressions when you meet potential sources are very important. You need to express an interest in your sources’ businesses to gain their trust and begin developing a mutually beneficial partnership.Here’s how you […]

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Creating Content for Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

In order to drive commercial mortgage leads, brokers need to earn the trust of potential borrowers. One of the best ways to demonstrate your experience and capability is content marketing. This form of marketing doesn’t directly promote your company, but rather relies on providing useful information to build trust and understanding between you and your […]

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Use Marketing to Stand Out as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

To really succeed in the commercial mortgage industry, brokers need to differentiate themselves from their competition. Borrowers and referral sources have a lot of choices when it comes to doing business with mortgage brokers. You need to be able to explain why they should choose you, and a solid marketing plan and approach can help. […]

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How to Promote Yourself as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

Advertising your services and skills as a commercial mortgage broker is crucial to your success. You need to promote yourself to both potential borrowers and referral sources in order to build your pipeline and your network so that you can close deals. Here are some simple ways to promote yourself as a commercial mortgage broker […]

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Impress Your Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Mortgage brokers know that marketing their services through channels like email and social media are important, but you shouldn’t forget one of the most important means of advertising: your clients. Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful, so it’s important to provide a great experience to the commercial mortgage borrowers with whom you work. Here’s how you can […]

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