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How Commercial Mortgage Borrowers Can Avoid Predatory Lenders

How to Avoid Predatory Lenders

Many small business owners and commercial property investors are turned down by their banks for commercial mortgages. It’s a fact of life for many people, but many borrowers aren’t prepared for this. If they are unfamiliar with alternative commercial financing, this leaves them potentially vulnerable to predatory lenders. If you’re a borrower seeking a commercial […]

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APEX has the answers to your commercial mortgage questions

For borrowers seeking a small-balance commercial mortgage, getting to know a lender is a crucial part of the process. It’s important to establish a sense of trust and an open line of communication so that any issues can be resolved fast and the deal can close quickly. Non-bankable borrowers in particular are likely to have […]

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Finding The Right Commercial Mortgage For Your Borrower

Commercial mortgage brokers are likely to see a wide variety of borrowers looking for a wide variety of loan products. This will almost certainly include borrowers stuck between the bank and a hard place – that is, borrowers who don’t qualify for bank financing, but don’t want or need a short-term hard money loan. Maybe […]

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How to Spot Borrowers Who Need Alternative Commercial Mortgages

how to spot a borrower who needs alternative commercial mortgages

If you’re a broker looking to add more deals to your pipeline and earn more money, alternative commercial mortgages are a great place to start. When you work with the right lender and know how to find potential borrowers, it’s a simple and fast way to close more loans. Here’s how to spot borrowers who […]

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The Value of Your Commercial Mortgage Borrower’s Story

Working with small-balance commercial mortgage lenders is a great opportunity for brokers to increase their business and income. However, in order to succeed to succeed in this niche, it’s important to develop your skills as a storyteller. Because non-conforming lenders aren’t subject to the same regulations as banks and other traditional lending sources, your borrowers’ […]

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Establishing Credibility as a Commercial Mortgage Broker

There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of a commercial mortgage broker, but earning the trust of borrowers and referral sources is one of the most important. People aren’t going to work with someone in whom they don’t have confidence, so it’s crucial to establish your skill and credibility early on. […]

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Impress Your Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Mortgage brokers know that marketing their services through channels like email and social media are important, but you shouldn’t forget one of the most important means of advertising: your clients. Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful, so it’s important to provide a great experience to the commercial mortgage borrowers with whom you work. Here’s how you can […]

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Refinancing Your Commercial Borrower’s Mortgage

There are many small business owners looking to refinance their commercial property at any given moment, and as a broker, it’s your job to help them secure that mortgage. In order to get them the right commercial mortgage for their needs and place them with the correct lender, there’s some information you’ll need. Here’s what […]

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Creating Webinars for Non-Bankable Commercial Mortgage Borrowers

Brokers have plenty of options when it comes to marketing their services and one of the best is the webinar. Webinars allow brokers to provide borrowers with helpful information no matter where they’re located, and it’s a great way for brokers to show borrowers that they understand the needs of small business owners who can’t […]

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When is a Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Right for Your Borrower?

Many small business owners have trouble obtaining financing for their commercial property through banks. This is why they come to you, a commercial mortgage broker. It’s your job to get to know your clients, understand their financial situations and needs and get them the mortgage they need to accomplish their goals. In many cases, this […]

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