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How APEX’s Soft Hard Money Loans Differ From Traditional Hard Money

If you’re a broker whose borrower has been turned down by banks and non-conforming private lenders for a small commercial mortgage, it’s time to start looking at hard money loan options. Traditional hard money lenders aren’t concerned with a borrower’s credit score and their loans don’t include prepayment penalties. However, certain aspects of these loans […]

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Where To Find Commercial Hard Money Leads

If you’re a commercial or residential broker looking to expand your product offerings to include commercial hard money loans, it’s important to know how to find borrowers looking for these loans. While it may seem challenging at first, locating borrowers who need commercial hard money loans is a fairly simple task. In many places, the […]

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When is a Commercial Hard Money Lender Right For Your Borrower?

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published an article entitled “Alternative Lenders Peddle Pricey Commercial Loans.” The piece focuses on the rise of alternative lenders as a viable option for post-recession financing for small commercial properties, concentrating on lenders that most people in the mortgage industry would classify as hard money. The article points out […]

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How to Close More Commercial Hard Money Loans

Although the country’s economic recovery continues to gain strength, there are still small business owners having a tough time obtaining small commercial mortgages. Banks are beginning to lend money to small business owners more often, but there are still some borrowers who are seen as too risky by traditional lenders. Some small business owners simply […]

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A Softer Approach to Commercial Hard Money Loans

Since 1991, APEX Mortgage Corp. has been financing small commercial mortgage loans for non-bankable borrowers. This year, APEX is pleased to bring you a softer approach to commercial hard money loans. You’ve trusted APEX for more than 20 years to provide commercial mortgages for your non-bankable borrowers, and now we can help you obtain financing […]

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