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Closing Time-Sensitive Commercial Mortgages

Securing a small-balance commercial mortgage for a borrower is often enough of a challenge without the added trouble of waiting around for a lender to determine whether or not they can finance the request. Time-sensitive deals require a lender who will handle your borrower’s request both quickly and thoroughly. If you’re a broker working with […]

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Close Commercial Mortgages with Ease

close commercial mortgages with ease

As a commercial mortgage broker, you’ve got one goal: Close deals. In order to do that, you need to take the time to prepare each deal as well as you can before submitting it to a lender. Having the right information, the necessary documents and a thorough knowledge of your borrower’s commercial mortgage request will […]

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How to be a Commercial Mortgage Superhero

commercial mortgage superhero

As a commercial mortgage broker, you need to earn the trust of both borrowers and lenders in order to reach your full potential. Both parties are relying on your skills to make the commercial lending process simpler. Follow the tips below, and you’ll impress both borrowers and lenders, and gain the ability to close deals […]

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What Residential Brokers Can Expect Closing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

Alternative Commercial Financing Benefits Borrowers and Brokers

For residential mortgage brokers, the small-balance commercial mortgage industry can seem intimidating at first glance. However, closing these deals is a simple way to strengthen your pipeline, close more deals, and increase your income. So, how do small-balance commercial mortgage differ from the residential deals you already close? The application If you’re a broker who […]

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Getting a Commercial Mortgage for a Small Business Owner

For brokers looking to close more deals and earn additional income, small business owners represent a great opportunity. These individuals need financing for reasons varying from paying off existing debts to making property improvements, and they often need a broker’s help to find the right mortgage for their situation. If you want to start closing […]

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Getting Your Borrower a Mortgage for a Commercial Building

It’s not unusual for residential brokers to come across the occasional commercial mortgage request, and if you’re looking to earn more, these deals are a great opportunity. Working with borrowers seeking commercial financing is a simple way to increase your income, and it doesn’t take much to submit these scenarios to a lender. Here’s what […]

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4 Steps to a Successful Commercial Mortgage Closing

Small-balance commercial mortgages are a great opportunity for brokers to close more loans and earn additional income. However, if you’re unsure of how to go about it, closing these loans can seem like a challenge. Once you know how to proceed, though, getting these deals done is very simple. Here’s what you need to do […]

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Start Closing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages in 2018

Commercial and multifamily mortgage originations are expected to decline slightly in 2018, but will remain strong according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). MBA projects that these originations will end the year at $519 billion, down just 2% from 2017 levels. MBA expects volumes to remain at the 2018 level in 2019 as well. “Last […]

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Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages for Beginners

For brokers in the residential business looking to increase the number of loans they close and earn more, the small-balance commercial mortgage niche offers plenty of opportunity for success. This is an underserved market, and it’s simple to begin closing these deals if you know how to get started. Here are some tips for beginners: […]

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