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Don’t Be Afraid of Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

As the air cools, the leaves change, and Halloween approaches, there’s plenty to be spooked by, but brokering small-balance commercial mortgages doesn’t need to be one of them. Working with borrowers who need alternative financing is a great opportunity for brokers to increase business, as well as their income. Whether you’re a residential broker or […]

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Securing Commercial Mortgages to Pay Off Merchant Cash Advances

For some small business owners, a merchant cash advance might be a good solution for short-term financing needs, provided they pay it off quickly. However, these cash advances can quickly become a problem as borrowers are subjected to the increasing rates these lenders charge. This can lead to cycle of payday loans resulting in a […]

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How to Get to Know Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Lenders

As a commercial mortgage broker, it’s important for you to keep the needs of your clients in mind when you choose small-balance lenders with whom you’d like to work. Choosing the right lender can mean the difference between a turndown and closed loan and a great commission. So, how do you choose the best small-balance […]

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How Closing Commercial Mortgages is Like Football

While much of the country still has a ways to go before temperatures cool and it really starts feeling like fall, one indicator that the seasons are changing is now beginning: football. Football is a game that requires determination, strategy, and teamwork to achieve success. These are also crucial factors that will determine whether a […]

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Securing a Commercial Mortgage for an Auto Repair Property

auto repair commercial mortgage

There are plenty of small business owners out there looking for commercial mortgages for their auto repair properties, but it can be difficult for them to secure financing from a traditional lender. These are often small businesses, so it’s important for brokers working with these borrowers to choose a lender specializing in helping small business […]

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What Residential Brokers Can Expect Closing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages

Alternative Commercial Financing Benefits Borrowers and Brokers

For residential mortgage brokers, the small-balance commercial mortgage industry can seem intimidating at first glance. However, closing these deals is a simple way to strengthen your pipeline, close more deals, and increase your income. So, how do small-balance commercial mortgage differ from the residential deals you already close? The application If you’re a broker who […]

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Getting Your Commercial Borrower a Blanket Mortgage

For brokers, one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a commercial mortgage lender is their flexibility when it comes to getting deals done. And while small-balance commercial lenders are generally much more flexible than banks and other traditional lenders, many cannot provide borrowers with a particular type of financing solution – the […]

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Getting a Commercial Mortgage for a Small Business Owner

For brokers looking to close more deals and earn additional income, small business owners represent a great opportunity. These individuals need financing for reasons varying from paying off existing debts to making property improvements, and they often need a broker’s help to find the right mortgage for their situation. If you want to start closing […]

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The Benefits of Non-Bank Commercial Mortgage Lenders

If you’re a residential or commercial mortgage broker looking to increase your business and your income, working with non-bankable borrowers is a great place to start. For these borrowers, non-bank commercial mortgage lenders will obviously be your best bet. These lenders are a great resource and can help you close deals for borrowers who have […]

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Choose a Commercial Mortgage Lender that Supports Brokers

The partnerships that brokers develop with commercial mortgage lenders play a major role in their success. So, it’s important to work with lenders who are willing to provide you with some support. Your relationship with any lender is a two-way street, and if they realize this, they’ll be willing to offer resources that will benefit […]

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