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Alternative Commercial Mortgages Benefits Borrowers and Brokers

Alternative Commercial Financing Benefits Borrowers and Brokers

There are commercial mortgage options out there for every borrower; brokers just need to know where to look and where their borrower fits. You will encounter business owners and property investors who can easily qualify for bank financing, while others will need another option. Therefore, every broker should take the time to understand alternative commercial […]

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Consider the Alternative: Non-Conforming Commercial Mortgages

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What do you do if your commercial mortgage borrower is turned down for a bank loan? It’s a question every broker in the business of closing commercial deals should be asking themselves in order to make sure they’re providing borrowers with the best possible financing options. After a bank turndown, a high-interest hard money loan […]

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Beyond the 5 Cs of Commercial Mortgages

Commercial mortgage originators are familiar with the 5 Cs used to evaluate prospective borrowers — credit, collateral, character, capacity and common sense. Borrowers are often much less familiar with the standards, and they benefit when originators can explain how each influences lending decisions. Loan originators know that working in the small-balance commercial mortgage niche can […]

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Don’t Fret Over a Bank-Loan Turndown: Hard Money Isn’t The Only Option

What do you do when your borrower is declined for a commercial mortgage loan at a bank? This is a question most commercial mortgage brokers are going to face at one time or another, since there are many small-business owners who will not qualify for traditional financing.  It might seem that after a bank turns […]

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Find the Right Commercial Mortgage for Your Borrower

Interest rates are going to continue to rise. That’s the general consensus among experts in various sectors of the financial industry, and commercial mortgage brokers will need to keep that in mind when assessing financing for borrowers. Brokers need to understand how a rising-rate environment affects both their clients’ decision-making process and a lender’s analysis. […]

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Don’t Let Alternative Commercial Mortgages Scare Your Borrowers

For brokers closing commercial mortgages, it’s not unusual to work with small business owners who don’t qualify for a bank loan. Once a borrower is turned down by the bank, they often assume there are no good options left and are wary of non-conforming commercial mortgage lenders. As their broker, it’s your job to find […]

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