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Attracting Commercial Mortgage Leads with Website Content

It’s very easy to use social media to tell the world what a great commercial mortgage broker you are, but that’s not a great way to attract new business. Commercial loan borrowers want to know that they’re dealing with a knowledgeable professional that they can trust. There is a time for self-promotion, but most of your focus should be on creating helpful content that displays your skills as a commercial mortgage broker while educating and engaging your audience. Here’s how to get started creating content that will get you noticed:

  • Develop a schedule

    When developing content to attract new borrowers, it’s important to set a schedule for yourself. Make sure you set aside time each week to produce new content and decide when each piece of content should be posted. Don’t try to do more than you’re comfortable with – you can start with one blog or video per month and one social media post per week and work your way up.

  • Use your existing skills

    We’ve all got our own talents, and it’s important to use them when creating content. Are you a good writer? You should start a blog on your commercial mortgage website dedicated to providing borrowers with all the information they’ll need about the lending process. Are you better at expressing your thoughts in conversation? Consider creating a YouTube channel and filming a series of helpful videos to educate borrowers.

  • Make it interesting

    It’s important to make sure that the content you create will resonate with your borrowers. A great way to make sure it’s interesting is to answer common questions you receive from borrowers or ask them what kind of content they’d like to see.

  • Engage with your audience

    Whether you’re posting your content to your website, social media channels or YouTube, it’s very important to interact with potential leads. If a borrower or a referral source comments or leaves a question on a post, be sure to answer them promptly.

Creating content is a great way to drive in more commercial mortgage leads. As a commercial broker, you’re an industry expert, and it’s important to share your knowledge with potential borrowers in order to establish credibility and trustworthiness. Take advantage of the skills you already have and build a schedule for interesting and helpful content for your borrowers, and be sure to engage with them when they have comments or questions. The more great content you produce, the more commercial mortgage leads you’ll have to look forward to. Read more about driving mortgage leads with your website content.

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