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APEX Mortgage Corp. presents: The Power of Marketing Webinar

The Power of Marketing: Webinar #2  – Winter 2012/Spring 2013 Series

View the slideshow of this webinar HERE.

Whether you’re a one-man broker business or a large broker firm, we have sure-fire tips and tools that will make sure you reach the commercial mortgage audience, send the correct message and do it all with ease.

You will learn:
• The 6 proven lead sources for commercial business
• How to leverage social media & digital marketing
• And, MORE!

If you want to make sure that potential leads know WHO you are, WHAT you can offer and HOW they can get in touch with you, then this is the webinar for you.  Let APEX give you the power to market for commercial mortgages successfully!

If you’re interested in attending a re-broadcast of this webinar, click HERE.

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