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“Mt. Zion AME Church would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You”. Through many of your efforts, expertise and support, we have been able to procure a mortgage with your company. The process of obtaining a mortgage with APEX was professional and courteous and your assistance was truly appreciated. Although the challenges we faced seemed insurmountable at times, you were able to meet our mortgage needs and believed what we said we would do and trusted us to keep doing it. It is with great pleasure that we extend our heartfelt gratitude.”

Rev. George A. Hardy, Pastor
Oakland Park, FL

“I would like to express my thanks to Apex for the service that you provided to me. So often today, it is impossible to get a bank to make a decision on anything, let alone make a loan. My real estate closing, which was delayed by many uncontrollable challenges, was dealt with by APEX in a most encouraging way. It was a surprising pleasure to deal with a lender that was rooting for me rather than finding ways not to do my deal. The seller was difficult to deal with and you stuck with me and did exactly what you said you would do. Most of all, you did not change the terms or make me jump through ridiculous hoops for nothing. You remind me of the way banks used to be. Imagine, I can call my banker, know who he is and actually have a conversation with him to explain my deal!”

Tony Visone
Holyoke, MA

“APEX was very helpful in helping me acquire a loan. Gina Lowry (Processor) went above and beyond her duties to fix a 25-year old lien release mistake when the previous bank was less then helpful. If it wasn’t for her determination and professionalism the whole deal could have easily fallen apart. Jim Leister was quite helpful answering all of my questions through the whole process. I was quite impressed that he always had the answers right in front of him, not like other loan officers who give you an incomplete answer and never call you back for a complete explanation. Thank you, APEX for handling my difficult loan with courtesy, professionalism and thoroughness.”

Mark McCool
Elkton, MD