APEX values its partnerships with brokers. Here’s what we provide.

Quick Response
As a small commercial lender APEX solves problems fast. We deliver credit approval within 24 hours, underwriting can be completed in 48 hours, and settlement made as quickly as fifteen working days from application.

Variety of Loan Programs
Commercial loan programs fund debt consolidation, business expansion, property refinancing and purchases or other needs.

Our Approved Broker program keeps you up to date on the latest in commercial mortgages and demonstrates your ability to provide solutions where others cannot.

APEX is a Direct Lender
We have the capacity to understand unusual loans and circumstances. As a small commercial lender, we know what is involved in making Commercial Loans, it’s all we do.

We Handle All Processing!
APEX really does make Commercial Lending easy! You only need to send us 1003 and credit, then sell the terms. We order appraisal, we order title, we collect all necessary documents, we schedule closing!

Your business is helping clients achieve their goals. Our business, as a small commercial lender, is helping you.

Your success requires making deals happen for your clients, despite obstacles like uncertain cash flow or credit problems. So it’s a tough situation when your valued clients or prospects need loans bankers can’t approve. Now you can turn to APEX, a small commercial lender, for help in solving these clients’ problems by offering financing that is better than ‘commercial hard money’. We specialize in business loans and commercial mortgages secured by many types of real estate. We underwrite “no income verification” loans and will understand the needs of applicants who are self-employed.

APEX understands your relationship with your borrower and values what you bring to the process.  Your fee will be protected in the committment letter and on the HUD statement.  And, YSP is available.  Call us at to talk more about how to make money brokering loans to APEX.