Jack Myers explains why its easy to broker commercial mortgages with APEX

Joe Lanza describes how APEX closed his unique commercial deal

Thank you Apex Mortgage! Thank you for your “Commercial Mortgages Made Easy” webinar series and in general for the way you do business. Your webinar sessions are clear, concise and definitely help to keep small commercial real estate lending as quick and simple as possible. Communication with your offices is always prompt and helpful. It is obvious that Apex is “broker friendly” and wants us all to succeed. Keep up the good work Apex!

David Lloyd
CPS Commercial Funding, LLC

Working with APEX was the best commercial loan experience of my life. I sent it in and then in 4 weeks went to closing. If you want work with less stress and increase your bottom line, you want to work with APEX…

Joe Lanza
Mortgage Network Solutions

Apex, by far, is one of the best small balance commercial lenders to do business with. We have been originating loans with them for over 8 years and find their streamlined mortgage process to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to close loans for our commercial borrowers. Apex takes time to understand a self-employed borrower’s needs, where banks have failed to do so. They will continue to be one of our top lenders to do business with.

Jeffrey Barber
Lehigh Financial Group, LLC

We’ve had a great small commercial lending relationship with Apex for over 10 years. We can close fast and Apex handles the processing grunt work that takes up too much of our time. It’s nice to be able offer our clients a small commercial lending program that really works for them. There are many good, deserving small commercial borrowers that we can help that are routinely turned down by the banks. I look forward to stepping it up and doing more small commercial loans this year!

Jeff Bechtold
President, American Commercial Lending

“I recently closed a small commercial deal with Apex and was amazed at the speed and ease of the transaction. The process went far more smoothly than what I anticipate from a typical commercial lender.”

Donald Ciullo
Loan Originator with Exclusive Capital Consultants
Long Island, NY

United Financial has been providing and brokering mortgage loans since 1998. Up until last summer, we had a policy not to engage loans valued under $500,000. We received a loan request from a past client for a $300,000 loan. Even though the loan requested was below our minimum, I decided to attempt to place the loan for this client. I happened upon Apex Mortgage. Apex was eager to work this loan. As you know, most investors are not very motivated to work on these smaller deals, however Apex was the exception. They quickly engaged the loan with enthusiasm and closed the loan in 30days. Our commission was outstanding for approximately 2 hours of effort. The staff is one of the most helpful I have come across in my 13 years experience.

Since that first closing, we have captured lost business and collected exceptional commissions with minimal effort by placing our small balance commercial loans with Apex. Today, Apex has approved a very small $30,000 loan for a scratch and dent client. Although we don’t expect to break the bank with these small loans, the commissions quickly add up and create customer loyalty.

I would highly recommend anyone placing a small balance commercial loan to give Apex your first look.

James Lunger
Managing Director, United Financial

I have worked with Bob and Apex in past. They are great to work with and deliver. They helped my clients close on a MHP in 3 weeks. No one else could get this deal done in that time frame. Watch-out for outfits that charge 1% upfront fee, and can’t deliver and want to keep you money. If they charging upfront fees, run the other way.

Jose Luis Rasilla
Associates Mortgage Inc